Friday, October 14, 2022

Capital Infrastructure Investment Map

 Capital Infrastructure Investment Map Tool

City of Calgary

The Mayor of Calgary,Dave Bronconnier wanted to inform the Citizens of Calgary about all the Capital Infrastructure Investment projects which had been implemented during his time in office. 

He wanted the projects to be displayed on an interactive Map, each with an icon which represented the project.  Clicking on the icon would bring up relevant project details.

This was a very ambitious  project both technically and logistically. It was pre Google Maps Api and some of the enabling technologies which exist today(  at the time of wring this article), could only be imagined. 

Logistically, it was an insurmountable task to collect Data  and standardize/sanitize it for consumption by the application

The Project related Data was spread across 14 different city departments and over 200 Project managers each using different methods to retain their project data, everything from text/word documents, excel sheets, Access Database and some even had instances of MsSQL server.  Getting PM buyin to the projects, transition them over to a somewhat standardized way of sharing their project related data was quite the challenge.  

Having to implement all of the above within a period of 6 weeks seemed impossible

The Team decided to take on the challenge.  We used Maps generated by the City GIS service and created our own interactive MAP interface using an in house Map Tile engine . 

 I used every trick in the book of negotiation, making alliances, pulling in favours, using tactically and strategically  veiled messagings and other persuasion and coercion tactics to bring the PMS on board. 

Eventually, we prevailed and produced on time, brilliantly executed product.  The Mayor was impressed enough to have a full on press conference to reveal the project to the citizens of Calgary and he even asked me to demonstrate the tool at the press conference.  My first ever press conference.  It was quite a moment for the Team and I.