Friday, November 6, 2015

IT Jargon: Blaudience

Blog Audience (Blaudience)

A blog audience is a loyal group of people who visits and returns to a blogger’s site. Developing a true audience – as opposed to gaining unique visits through search-engine optimization – is a tall order for bloggers as Internet users tend to have variable tastes.

Most successful blogs have a few key attributes that help them maintain and continue to grow a loyal audience. High-quality content that is relevant to the group of people the blog aims to target is the most important factor.

However, for new bloggers, attracting that group of people may involve some of the following strategies:

  • Listing blogs on targeted blog directories
  • Answering questions and commenting in relevant online forums
  • Promoting work over social media
  • Guest posting on more prominent bloggers’ sites
  • Using plug-ins and site features to expand the blog’s reach, such as those that provide connectivity to social media, implement RSS feeds or provide in-depth analytics for the blog


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