Monday, November 9, 2015

Why does your business need a Technology Consultant?

The business world is going Digital at an increasingly fast pace. Over past decades, the pace of technological progress has plunged business into a state of permanent flux, with a constant stream of innovations challenging long-established models, markets and processes. New businesses have sprung up while existing ones have faltered and some have disappeared.

This uncertain and rapidly changing environment offers many new opportunities for business but it also poses challenges, and none is greater than the need to drive growth. With the landscape constantly changing, how can businesses be sure they are taking the right direction?

Here is the thing, Technology-driven change isn’t going to go away. On the contrary, it is going to accelerate, and businesses will have to adapt to survive and thrive. This shifting business landscape can be daunting but the opportunities for growth are enormous and success will go to enterprises that manage to be agile and creative.

There are three key principles to consider in positioning a business to be ahead of the competition in this context of rapid change. 

  •  Companies should become more agile and able to respond to external change. 
  • Innovation should be developed to accelerate the pace of market change to your advantage. 
  • Resources should be deployed where they will make the biggest difference to the new agenda. 

Having established the context, let us try and establish why  your business needs a Technology consultant.

What is a Technology Consultant?

A Technology consultant doesn’t consult with your business in the traditional sense. They help you with how and where your business should consider leveraging technology to introduce efficiencies, optimize workflow, engage clients, strengthen your brand. The Digital space encompasses anything that is connected online such as websites, mobile phones, networks, and many other options that currently exist or will be invented soon.

So how would a Technology Consultant help your business ?

Technology Consultants Are Cutting Edge Cool

Everyday it seems like there is a new social network or technology being invented where businesses need to ask themselves if that pertains to them. The answer unfortunately is ALWAYS unique to every business.  E.g Facebook is absolutely not for everyone, and some businesses should consider being on Twitter.

The online landscape changes in the blink of an eye, and it can be difficult to keep up with. You  as a business owner need to retain your focus on your business.  Your  Technology consultant will focus on how Technology changes affect your business and guides you to act accordingly. 

Technology/Digital Consultants Leads The Strategy So You Can Execute

You might have a team  to execute your Online  marketing, but these employees are almost always hired to execute and not write the strategy. Strategy is understanding that the best mix of technologies and platforms for your business, when to post for maximum effectiveness (changes for demographics and audience), and what your next move is. Your team is great at engagement and writing content, but it doesn’t mean they should lead the strategy decision.

Technology Consultants Help You Stay Relevant

Are your competitors on the new social network, have they created their own app, or is their site responsive for mobile and tablet users. It’s a Technology consultant’s job to keep track of all this and notify you when you’re lagging behind and give you recommendations on what you should be doing to be a few steps ahead of your competitors.  A good Technology consultant will conduct competitive research to see where your top competitors are investing their time and money, and let you know if its worth it for you to keep pace. Companies can lose or gain big time when making the decision to jump into a new technologies or not engaging in a platform when competitors are.

In Conclusion

As the world continues to change and move online, you’ll need a Technology consultant. Find a partner you can trust whose specialty is making your business succeed wether it is online or in your day to day business operations. 

Ensure that you’re using the latest technologies to streamline your workflow, that you’re using the right outlets and platforms to engage your key influencers and customers. 

And to always be there when you have a question about what your business should do or where you should be online.  A good consultant should become your trusted partner.