Friday, November 6, 2015

Google for Canadian NonProfits

Google Tools for NonProfits

This is a membership program for nonprofits based in various countries with country-specific programs, who is looking to amplify its online engagement. Though it has eligibility requirements, once accepted, you have access to free versions of all Google products, including tutorials for each to help you get started (not too shabby, we know).

As a Canadian NonProfit the eligibility requirements are
  • Organizations must be currently registered with TechSoup Canada, TechSoup Global's regional arm.
  • Organizations must be registered as a federal charity, a federal non-profit or a provincial non-profit.

For other countries or updated eligibility requirements go here.

Here are the List of Offerings by Google to Help NonProfits.

Google Ad Grants: 

Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting. Google Ad Grants (formally known as Google Grants) is a $10,000 monthly grant given to organizations looking to advertise on Google. With the potential of driving 10,000 to 40,000 new visitors a month to your website, using this “free money” to attract new constituents to engage with your organization online is an excellent offer.

Google Apps for NonProfits: 

Free version of the Google Apps business productivity suite, including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and more. Google Apps includes 30GB of storage on Gmail and Google Drive, a cloud-based document-sharing and creation tool. Your nonprofit also receives 24/7 support for any technical issues you may encounter with these features.

The benefits of the apps are substantial. For instance, if your team is disbursed in the field or operates in different countries, you can share and store information securely with Google Drive. Meanwhile, you can communicate online with people in various countries with Gmail and stay up-to-date on events with Google Calendar.

YouTube for NonProfits:

Not only can your nonprofit use YouTube channels to share videos about your organization, its events, its achievements, and even to say thank you, you are also able to collect donations through it. Video is a great medium to connect with a large audience and inspire them to support your organization.

With YouTube, your nonprofit is able to:
  • Drive viewers to action by placing a call-to-action overlay directly on your videos.
  • Customize the look and feel of your channel with your organization’s logo and branding.
  • Boost fundraising through a Google Checkout “Donate” button on your channel homepage.

Google Earth Outreach Grants: 

Free licensing for Google Earth Pro and Maps API for Business.Showing the impact of your work in the field is a constant challenge, but it’s a growing demand from supporters and can drive a lot of attention if done effectively. Google Earth Outreach is a mapping tool that includes Google Earth and Google Maps to allow your supporters to see your work. 

With Google Earth Outreach, you can:
  • Create a custom map of your project sites in 10 minutes.   
  • Create a narrative Google Earth movie and make it available on YouTube.
  • Collect data in the field with Android devices and Open Data kit and map your data.
  • View online tutorials to help you get the most out of the available mapping tools.

Google Analytics:

Understanding which of your marketing efforts, whether it's via social media or Google AdWords, is driving the most traffic to your website is crucial to growing your online presence and using the right channels to your advantage. Google Analytics provides your nonprofit with information on how people find and interact with your website and eventually take action to support your mission. 

With Google Analytics, you can:
  • Measure engagement of your supporters with your website.
  • Determine which of your AdWords ads are most effective.
  • Identify and understand how volunteers, donors, and stakeholders interact with your website.
  • Track the effectiveness of social media for your campaign.


Similar to Facebook, Google+ provides a medium for you to converse with your audience and share photos, videos, and all of your beautiful stories to your community of followers and supporters. Google+ also allows you to use Google Hangouts to host live video conferences with individuals across the world. You’re even able to tailor and target your message to your Google Circles, creating communities within your larger Google+ community for volunteers, donors, sponsors, and even your staff.

One Today by Google:

Free access to a mobile fundraising platform. This Android app allows nonprofits to launch projects that can make a big impact with $1 donations made via mobile devices. Once you’re a member of Google for Nonprofits, you have complete access to set up your projects and fundraise through One Today.

How to ?

If you meet the eligibility criteria and would wish to avail of the Google Set of tools for you NonProfit then click on the Image below to Join.

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