Sunday, September 13, 2020

Facebook Advertising


Reach highly targeted audiences at relatively low costs through Facebook Ads 

Facebook is the biggest name in paid social – and for good reason. Due to the nature of the platform and the data it collects from users, Facebook targeting options are almost infinitely detailed. This makes it an obvious choice for targeting new audiences based on interest, demographics, location, behaviour and more.

Once those new audiences have converted, Facebook ads can improve customer loyalty and repeat sales. We work with your data to create remarketing audiences to reach users that have previously engaged with your ads, been on your website or bought a certain product.

Facebook leads the way on innovation, constantly launching new tools to improve campaign performance. As a Facebook Marketing Partner Impression can test and adopt new features before they are rolled out, attend training events and communicate directly with Facebook for resources and troubleshooting.

 Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook offers a wide range of services to advertisers via its Facebook Ads platform including, but not necessarily limited to:

Outbound Marketing

Facebook’s ad network is by far the most developed of the social media advertising platforms. The average cost per click is often cheaper than paid search, yet the targeting options can be much more advanced. This makes Facebook advertising ideal for discovering new markets - test a range of variables to find the ones which work.

The quantity and quality of data Facebook holds about its users is enough to get any marketer excited. Combine this with the ability to geographically target for some incredibly cost-effective campaigns.


Using Facebook's targeting pixel provides even greater opportunities by enabling your adverts to target people based on what pages of your website they have viewed or how recently they have purchased from you. If someone has put a product into their basket, for example, we can send adverts to them within Facebook to show them that product and encourage them to return to complete their purchase.

Audience Mirroring

The people most likely to buy from you in the future are often those who are most similar to people who bought from you in the past.Through audience mirroring, we are able to identify similar audiences to your existing customers and market to them with targeted Facebook adverts.

Integrated Campaigns

Facebook advertising works really well as an accompaniment to other techniques. When your target audience is exposed to your brand across platforms, they are more likely to engage with you.

You might choose to send out targeted ads to people you’ve initially attracted through SEO, or to run Lead Generation ads to expand your email marketing lists. Get in touch to find out more.